Increase the productivity of your marketing. Free manual in the contact page.

Let's improve the productivity of your marketing.

Demand more from your marketing.

Traditional marketing is a bad model. It is lot of activity in silos.  Silos that tend to snarl at other silos like badgers rather than share. Unified Funnel Metrics is a progressive marketing model built on sharing, learning and a constant state of improvement. 

Leaders in Marketing need new tools.

Most companies have at least 10 sources of data. They also have people inside and outside of the company working on sales and marketing. And they have sales numbers to hit every month because, hey, the rent is due. The marketing industry has always asked the wrong question. What tactic should I invest in? That's the wrong question. How should I balance my activities according to my customers wishes? That's the question Unified Funnel Metrics answers. 

3 ways to 10x your sales and marketing productivity

UFM Curated Software

Unified Funnel Metrics Curated Software Service is a sales funnel platform designed for companies struggling with predictable sales. We tabulate each stage, analyze the data, then curate and activate corrective action to get sales moving. 

Sales Funnel Training

Unified Funnel Metrics Training is a 12 module system designed to train teams to master working in sync. Data and insight is inherently vertical. Customer purchase is inherently horizontal. UFM training turns all contributors into masters of the sales funnel. 

Sales Funnel DIY Modules


Unified Funnel Metrics DIY provides 12 training modules that provide you a line of sight and corrective action on your sales funnel. Each module walks you through the metrics and actions critical to master at each stage. Includes demonstration examples per stage and funnel stage worksheets to keep you on track. 

Find and fix the kinks in your sales funnel

Can you point to kinks in your sales funnel? UFM can.

Dashboard view of breaks in the funnel.


Unified Funnel Metrics is a brand new Curated Software Platform for companies struggling with predictable sales. UFM tabulates each stage. Analyzes the data. Then curates and activates corrective action to get sales moving again. 

Email john@myjparms for a free tutorial copy.

What can we accomplish together?

Guide your marketing

"Who's accountable for marketing?" That's me. I own it for you and alongside you. I am responsible for constant marketing motion that stirs up sales. 

Tell your story

Content is where your story lives. Social, video, your website, email. I author and place your story where your customer is, measure for sales effect and keep pushing.

Fix your sales funnel

Unified Funnel Metrics is my new curated software platform that finds the kinks in your sales funnel, repairs them, and keeps tabs customers as they move through. 

Marketing is serious business

Marketing is, was, and always will be a craft.

I am a lifelong practitioner of the craft of marketing. I've watched it evolve from the Don Draper days to Artificial Intelligence. Where are we now? The best era ever. We can (finally) market in step with customers and keep clients sales in sync with consumer behavior.