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We find and fix kinks in your sales funnel

Which stage of your customer journey is stuck?

Test yourself at each stage

Market Demand

 Do you REALLY know how many customers are out there for you? Can you name them? 


 If you ask 10 legitimate prospects off the street who you are, how many would recognize your company name? 


 Do you have enough leads? 

Are the leads you have well organized?


 After the sale, do you breath a sigh of relief and ask the customer how it went? 

Second Purchase

 Do you have too many “one and done” customers? Wouldn’t you prefer to extract one more sale from a current customer over finding a new customer?


Do you have a mechanism in place to turn your customers into salespeople?

Sales. The center stage of the funnel.

Struggling to convert interested customers to paying customers? 

Need new actions and ideas to trigger sales?

A sales funnel built for today's customer journey.

Unified Funnel Metrics (UFM) is a new sales funnel platform that finds the most jugular metric for each stage of your customer journey and improves it month over month. Silos? Gone. Guessing? Gone. Overbudgeting? Gone. UFM is a no-nonsense filter that assures any resources spent on marketing has passed this test: the juice is worth the squeeze. 

2 ways to increase sales and marketing productivity

Sales Funnel Metrics & Action

When you hire us for UFM Curated Software Service we segment your customers by the numbers, tabulate each stage of their journey, analyze the data, then curate and activate corrective action to get sales moving. 

Perfect for companies with limited  marketing resources.

Sales Funnel Training

When you hire us for UFM training we teach you and your team the UFM platform. You'll get 1-1 training, online  modules and customized worksheets that make you masters of sales funnel metrics and perfecting your sales and marketing motion. 

Perfect for companies frustrated with marketing silos. 

Need a marketing co-pilot?

John Arms. Sales Funnel Junkie in Chief.

Not all companies have a built-in 15 person marketing team. When you're short on resources I'm here to help. I use Unified Funnel Metrics to help the sales and marketing team you have in place meet their goals. If you have gaps, I have resources in my partnership circle to fill them. My job is to keep your costs down while keeping your sales and marketing productivity high. I absolutely love what I do.