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Marketing Consultant in Minneapolis

What can I do for you?

Consumer insights

Do you need fresh, reliable customer intelligence? The kind you can make solid business decisions on? I can do that for you.

High performing websites

Do you need a harder working website? A workhorse that is a living, breathing engine for commerce? I can do that for you.

Marketing co-pilot

Do you need a marketing co-pilot? A pro to take the controls while you’re pulled away? 

I can do that for you.

Market analysis

Do you need a roadmap of the market ahead? A reliable, data centric snapshot that guides you along the path to growth? I can do that for you.

Marketing Dashboard

Do you need a dashboard that shows results for every marketing action you spend money on? I can do that for you.

Amazing storytelling

Do you need your story pulled out and told in an unforgettable way? From video to digital to blogging, I'm your guy. 


1. In-house Marketing Manager


2. Storyteller videos


3. Sales Funnel Metrics


4. Voice of Customer survey


5. Author your Brand Story


6. Marketing services 


- Website build

- Social media set up/manage

- Market analysis

- Media

- Project management

Every assignment I take on for you is based on metrics, aligning vertical efforts with the horizontal customer journey, top line growth and bottom line savings. Let's make it rain!

Story telling videos

If you need storytelling videos I'm your storyteller. Video gets watched 10x more than white papers, blogs and even photo content.  Let me tell your video story. Super fast. Super affordable. 

28 years as an outdoor marketing specialist

28 year Marketing veteran

As your Marketing Consultant in Minneapolis, I help you build an iron-clad sales funnel. With simple market research I find the kink in the sales funnel and fix it.

Camping and hiking is growing

From sleek tow-behind RVs to Wi-Fi campsites, camping is growing and innovating year in and year out. If your brand is in this category, I can help you capture your share of the growth. 

Hunting & fishing is shrinking

These sports make up just 3% of the US population, down from 7.9% just 20 years ago. If you're in this category, I can help you gain share in the shrinking space, and find new customer segments to attract. 

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